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Last updated: 25/01/15

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How to Deal With Traffic Offences Fines

Parking and Other Traffic Offences

But what they are not telling you is the one sure way to win using The Common Law. Write a polite but firm letter to the Council/Private Company asking them for a letter signed in wet ink by a human being with a soul stating that their action against you was both legal and LAWFUL. You will not hear anything else from them - or if you do, they will not comply and you simply repeat your quite reasonable request until they give up. 


So far I've got out of three parking tickets and one bus lane 'offence'. Reason for this is that only a Common Law jury can 'lawfully' deprive you of goods and chattels under Magna Carta 1215 and Bill of Rights 1689. They know this because all their 'fixed penalty notices' are simply 'offers to contract' disguised as something else - deception in other words.