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Calling The True Israel Peoples

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To View the Gog & Magog Presentation click on one of the parts you wish to see as listed below Click here to view Yahwey's Exclusive Covenant People


Part 1 - Attila The Hun

Part 2 - Genghis Khan

Part 3 - Gog’s Covert Attack

Part 4 - The Rothschilds

Part 5 - Victorian Era

Part 6a Times of The Gentiles

Part 6b WWI & 2

Part 6d WWI & 2 - Hitler

Part 6e Dresden Holocaust

Part 7 - Secret War

Part 8 - Covert Attack

Part 9 - False Flags

Part 9a - London 777 Bombs

Part 10 - Conclusion

Part 10b - Conclusion 2

Part 11a Truman &c

Part 11b 911 Financial Crash

Part 12 Gog’s Numerology

Part 13 The City of London

Part 14 Calvin

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Click here to view the Hebrews and the English Language


Migrations Part 1

Migrations Part 2

Migrations Part 3

Migrations Part 4

Migrations Part 5

Migrations Part 6